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LSAT Prep Countdown – One Week Left

The Week, Day Before & Day of the LSAT LSAT Prep the Week Before: Get into a good mental state. The LSAT is getting close but you can manage any possible onset of stress and still continue to study. You've planned've learned strategies and techniques so this week, do not study too ...
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LSAT in 10 days – Test Center Rules and Tips

LSAT TEST CENTER RULES - There are very strict and highly enforced rules for the LSAT. LSAC will issue misconduct notices and their testing administrators report violations of their procedure. Then, the LSAC Test Administration Group sends the LSAT taker a "Irregularity Report" saying that the tester violated testing regulations. Depending on ...
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LSAT Two Weeks Away!

Make the most of these 2 weeks of LSAT Prep With very little prep time left, you must make the most of your study time. You shouldn't merely work through practice tests. So, how should you approach these last prep days? Timed Tests: Test your skills under realistic timing conditions. This will build ...
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LSAT Overview

An Overview of the LSAT The LSAT is one of the most difficult standardized entrance exams. Unlike some standardized tests, the LSAT does not test your knowledge of facts or information. Instead, it tests your ability to perform specific intellectual tasks. Master the LSAT by learning how to perform these tasks. Three ...
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One Month to Study for LSAT

One Month left before your LSAT You should be taking timed practice LSAT exams. But don't forget to evaluate your performance. Following are some suggestions of how to make your last month of study for the LSAT successful. Transition into timed LSAT exams You've likely been taking untimed sections to learn the strategies ...
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Manage Stress: Plan an LSAT Study Schedule

Plan a LSAT Prep Study Schedule   Avoid LSAT Test Day Stress - Tips to include in your LSAT Prep Study Schedule Whatever LSAT test day you choose, it is smart to plan your LSAT study schedule and stick to it. LSAT Stress builds, so plan and structure your prep time. If you can ...
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What LSAT Prep Option is Best for You?

There are many options available from which you can choose your LSAT Prep. How can you know which option will bring you the best results? The question you must ask is, “Which LSAT Prep type is right for me?” The average suggested time to delegate for LSAT Prep is 3 months...depending ...
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Sept. 27 LSAT 6 Weeks Away!

Six Weeks to Sept. 27 LSAT WHAT TO DO NOW (or Yesterday) If you've not started your prep for the LSAT it's time to work out a schedule and stick to it. Six weeks is a little shorter than normally suggested, but you can do it if you will devote good quality ...
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Lawschool Personal Statement, Brainstorm

Law School Personal Statement — BRAINSTORM If you're planning to apply to law schools for next fall, it is NOT too early to begin working on the personal statement portion of your law school application. Please, allow yourself ample time in this stage! Spending time in this, over a period of ...
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Acceptance to the law school of your choice is highly dependent on your LSAT score so choosing the right LSAT Prep for you is important. LSAT tutoring is one means of prep for you to consider. It can personalize your prep to maximize your score increase. But, it must be ...
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