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Since we began teaching LSAT prep classes in 1999 we have received many letters, e-mails, and survey comments praising our courses and instructors. The following is a small but representative sample of what previous students and prelaw advisors liked about their Get Prepped classes.

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“Get Prepped's…course was a perfect solution for our students. The format and pricing were suitable for our students and the instructor was very professional and helpful. Working with [the company representative] to set up the course was easy and I could tell throughout that he is personally committed to providing a high-quality service and product. My students who were re-taking the LSAT all improved their scores after the prep-course—one student raised her score by nine points!

James P. Leahey, J.D. Prelaw Advisor, Centre College, Danville, KY

“There were just a few people in my class. I know it may not have been that cost effective for the company, but it helped me a lot. We'll see if it helped my score! [A few weeks later, Get Prepped received the following e-mail.] 'Hi-I took the course in Sacramento in September. Just got my score -- 166. Thanks.” Anna Cedar, Sacramento, CA (Note-Anna is now a Get Prepped teacher.)

“I went from not understanding how to work the games to being able to miss only one or two consistently.” C. Phillips, Birmingham, AL

“I am writing this quick message to THANK YOU for assigning Brett to be my LSAT tutor. Due to his patience and understanding of my aversion to standardized testing, I was able to raise my previous LSAT score! Many times during my preparation, I lost faith in my capability to achieve a good score; however, he did not allow me to give up! He had a way of making the most difficult puzzles and complex reasoning problem sets seem surmountable. Therefore, I would highly recommend your tutoring service, and my tutor, to anyone contemplating achieving a competetive score on the LSAT which confronts them in achieving their dreams. I would not otherwise be in a position to apply to law school. My deepest thanks.” Jackie Brooks, Chicago, IL

“The teacher was very knowledgeable about the test and helped ease our concerns.” Carrie Hults, San Francisco, CA

“I was extremely happy with the level of help that my tutor provided, and with his overall positive attitude and encouragement. His teaching methods catered perfectly to my needs, and I appreciate his flexibility in scheduling our meetings. The "classes" were extremely helpful, as he helped me break down every question I answered incorrectly, and made me re-think questions that I had answered correctly in order to build my confidence in my abilities and my understanding of the format of the test. He helped me understand the style in which the test is written, and I feel very prepared and confident for my LSAT. I feel that he has prepared me very well for the exam, and I would like to thank him, and you, for your services.” Andrew Davis, Philadelphia, PA

“The class was everything and more than I could ever imagine, with the material covered and the brilliant instructor.” Keisha Matthews, Washington, DC

“The instructor was great. We had fun, but were still able to stay focused and ask questions that were important to us. Our instructor didn't hold back in any way with regards the the LSAT and law school in general. The reality was appreciated. I am still excited!” Amy Harrison, Oklahoma City, OK

There were excellent time management strategies explained in the class.” B. Assenmacher, Boulder, CO

“It was good to have the small class that gave more personal attention.” Kelly Young, Atlanta, GA

"Get Prepped provides a much needed and valuable service to our campus. The LSAT review course is an incredible value and is taught by extremely knowledgeable instructors. The instructor even gave the students her email address in case of additional questions after the weekend class ended. As a lawyer myself, and as the pre-law coordinator for my university, I highly recommend the Get Prepped LSAT review class. Law school admissions are more competitive than ever; the Get Prepped course will help students do their best."

Martin Dupuis, Ph.D., J.D., Prelaw Advisor & Interim Director of Illinois Centennial Honors College,
Associate Professor Dept. of Political Science, Western Illinois University

“I would like to thank you for offering this great service. My experience with Get Prepped has been extremely positive on all fronts. My tutor was very knowledgeable...and truly prepared for every session. We were able to accommodate each others schedule without any complications. I believe the knowledge he passed on to me regarding specific question types can not be duplicated by any other study class or practice book. Having spent 15 hours with Craig along with the Get Prepped practice tests I feel confident that my upcoming LSAT will result in a strong score.” Ryan McKinnon, New Orleans, LA

“I liked that is was a small group and that it gave tips on what to do when taking the test.” Cory Florence, Indianapolis, IN

“I liked the timing of it in terms of when the LSAT was given, and the small class guarantee was great. Our instructor was also very willing to go above and beyond in terms of staying later or allowing questions by e-mail if we needed more help the next week... Also, the content of the online lessons was great--the writing style was matter of fact and easy to understand, but thorough. Question-by-question, answer-by-answer explanation helped me to break down where I was making errors.” Jordinn Nelson, Topeka, KS

“Great class, excellent instructor.” Norman Douglas, Topeka, KS

"[I liked] the tips for conceptually analyzing passages...I think my instructor explained this very well, and I felt secure in knowing that he was really comfortable in what he was teaching." Michael Mangini, New York, NY

“The instructor was very specific and went at everyone's pace.” Jasleen Rivera New York, NY

“I think the class was great, it contributed to the skills I already had and reaffirmed some of my strategies for taking the LSAT. The teacher really kept the class moving. I was really impressed with that. The LSAT can be very dry but again the teacher kept it as lively as could be expected.” Dan Steber, San Diego, CA

"My teacher ... rocks!" Theodore Thomas, San Francisco, CA

“I want to thank you and Get Prepped for offering a weekend course on our campus that really satisfied the students. All of the comments I have heard have been positive. The instructor was lively and enthusiastic and gave the students his e-mail address so that they could contact him after the course was completed. The course focused on skills that mattered for the LSAT and that could be improved in a short period of time. The teacher was punctual and came well –prepared for his two-day mission.
I would recommend the course to students and I hope to...bring the course back to our campus next year. I do think the course was a success."

David Kanervo, Prelaw Advisor, Chair-Department of Political Science,
Austin Peay State University

"I liked how she was able to talk to us about her law school experience and tips on how to make good use of our time when taking the LSAT." Jason Bauer, Cincinnati, OH

"Don't change anything, it satisfied all of my needs." Elia Pavelitz, Penn State, PA

"[The small class] and having us explain how we did problems aloud, putting us on the spot - that encourages learning more than just following along with an instructor. Great instructor, great info." Ashley McElyea, Dallas, TX

"Get Prepped was extremely thorough in its approach to preparing us for the LSAT. The instructor was very knowledgeable. All in all Get prepped was a remarkable opportunity and I am grateful for you coming to Mercer and helping us. Get Prepped has definitely been beneficial for our pre-law students, and I hope that Mercer continues to use Get Prepped.

Marcus Jones, Senior Class President and Pre-law Club President, Mercer University

"The practice tests... really helped to get a feel for what it would be like on test day." Samantha Hull, East Lansing, MI

"[I liked the] small class size, enjoyable instructor, close to my age instructor. I thought it ran really well. I have no suggestions for changes." Sarah Jones, Philadelphia, PA

"I took one of your courses in Georgia over a year ago and forgot to write and tell you how much it helped me. I am currently attending the University of Toledo school of law. I expect to graduate in 2 more years. Thank-you again for your helping me prepare for the LSAT." John Strickland, Atlanta, GA

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