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Since we began teaching LSAT prep classes in 1999 we have received many letters, e-mails, and survey comments praising our courses and instructors. The following is a small but representative sample of what previous students liked about their Get Prepped classes.

More student comments

The following comments were from students in recent classes:

"The instructor was excellent and what I appreciated most was the emphasis on the puzzles. Difficulty on the puzzle section was the reason I signed up for the course, so I was very pleased that it was covered thoroughly. Thank you!" Rebecca Hahn, Houston, TX

"Hi- It's Jordan from your Get Prepped! weekend course. I just wanted to let you know that I just received my LSAT score. I made a 167! I couldn't have done it without your class. Thank you so much!" Jordan Jones, Birmingham, AL

"I thought my teacher was great and had a lot of experience and knowledge! The class size was small so we got lots of personal attention. It was a great help!" Megan Zini, Orange County, CA

"I liked taking the practice tests. I find that the more of those that are done using the techniques taught by the instructor, the better I scored on the practice tests. The teacher was very well prepared to instruct the class on those techniques." Kyle Robichaux, New Orleans, LA

"Scores on practice tests went up around 5-6 points after taking the class. Teacher was friendly and helpful, including questions about what to do after taking the LSAT." Chris Sokn, Chicago, IL

"Our teacher made everyone feel comfortable in asking questions, and did a great job at making sure we understood." Anonymous, Chicago, IL

"The teacher actually knew what she was talking about and had gone through the LSAT's personally so she had a lot of useful tips that helped increase our scores." ToniAnn Graziano, Newark, NJ

"I liked how we went into detail about every type of question. Also going through the 3 types of areas that would be covered on the test. I loved receiving the GetPrepped books. Those have helped me so much especially the ACE book." Amber Michaels, Ann Arbor, MI

"It was the perfect size- everybody was very interested in being there and helping each other." TamiLynn Grys, Newark, NJ

"The teacher (Kevin) really helped me to break through the issues I was having with games and LR sections. I feel very confident going into this Saturday's LSAT." Kim Kirby, Atlanta, GA

"Gerald was an excellent instructor! He was very knowledgeable and very helpful. I don't think I'll ever forget a lot of the good advice that he gave us in our course!" Leiland Tanner, Phoenix, AZ

"A quarter of the people I knew taking the LSAT were in my class. The teacher had excellent knowledge of the material, but go figure she was a chemical engineer major as an undergrad." Mike Rinshiuso, Chicago, IL

"I had a wonderful teacher. He made learning the material fun and he was extremely knowledgeable on every area." Robert Gallman, Dallas, TX

"My teacher was very good. He gave us ample opportunities to focus on sections that we needed to and also did a great job being fun and enthusiastic about the class. I liked how the most time spent was on the logic games, giving me useful tools to answer them." Alyssa Jelinske, Chicago, IL

"I liked the small size and personal attention. The one weekend format." Eric Miller, Indianapolis, IN

"I thought the course was great. Lee taught us many important techniques to help ensure our success. He really brought to light the main and most important things we should focus on while taking the LSAT." William Thompson, Phoenix, AZ

"The teacher was great, the book given out was very helpful, I like how we did examples right out of the book when we went over them." Kari Lepretre, Chicago, IL

"The instructor was great. I liked the fact that it was real tests and honest advice." Andrew Killoy, Boston, MA

"I was impressed that your tutors only taught the LSAT and that they all attended law school. That is the reason I chose Get Prepped and I am happy I did." Gwenda Peters, Richmond, VA

"The teacher made the class. He was excellent." Doug Collins, Atlanta, GA

"Very small class - I felt comfortable asking questions and asking for additional explanation on problem areas." Pam Lewis, Dallas, TX

"Our instructor took a lot of time to explain in detail the areas we were most challenged. She made herself available before and after class for one on one coaching; overall, our instructor was a great resource." Leighann Zimmer, Madison, WI

"Hands-on practice; reviewed as many actual problems as possible; downstream logic with puzzles; this was key in unlocking the mystery of puzzle problems." Rebekah Shulman, Atlanta, GA

"I enjoyed learning the tricks and the elimination questions. I never would have found that on my own." Anonymous, Gainesville, FL

"It was good going through the questions and breaking them down to see how the test makers got the answer they did." Jessie Ritchi, Columbus, OH

"That was the most fun study class I have ever been in. I actually enjoyed being in class and was disappointed that I couldn't take the third weekend because I felt like I was missing out on the party. I loved the enthusiasm." Caroline French, Dallas, TX

"The timing and convenience of the class, and teachers knowledge." James Kempski, East Lansing, MI

"Jamie was excellent at conveying the materials. She kept herself almost entirely accessible to me even with other students to tutor and the class to conduct. I will definitely recommend her as a tutor to anyone looking to score higher on the LSAT." James Zivney, Portland, OR

"I loved it all-I loved the class and am already recommending it to my friends who also want to go to Law school. My teacher was great and I really felt prepared to take the LSAT. Thanks Get Prepped!." Amy Brecko, Denver, CO

"It was great. I'm very happy I took this class." Danielle Rosenblum, Houston, TX

"I liked the focus on the games section. After taking the course, it became clear to me that working on the games will more efficiently and directly impact my score." Lauren Davis, Portland, OR

"I liked that my tutor knew what he was talking about and was extremely, extremely helpful. I understand logic games now." Amy Anderson, Minneapolis, MN

"My tutor was excellent! Very flexible hours, very smart!" Stephanie Kane, Bloomington, IN

"Class never lagged." Carl Panasik, Dallas, TX

"I liked very much how I could relate to the instructor & learn from him. He was intelligent & knowledgeable on how to teach our class the methods in test taking as well as solve the problems. Very informative - gave me the confidence I needed to prepare fully." Amber Zemlansky, Philadelphia, PA

"Great teacher, great times, great schedule." Robert Crawford, Ann Arbor, MI

"Hello- Just wanted to thank you for your expertise in teaching the LSAT prep course. I earned the score on the Feb. LSAT that I'd hoped for. This score qualified me for a 75% honors scholarship... Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!" S. Reynolds, Lansing, MI

"I enjoyed everything. Jeff is an awesome tutor. He completely understands the material and provided helpful ways to approach every question the test writers could pose. I've taken the LSAT before, and have been scoring about 10 points higher now." Mark Stanley, Chapel Hill, NC

"I liked the flexibility of the tutoring schedule, the amount of resources available through the Get Prepped website (the individual exam explanations were invaluable for preparation, and the tutors knowledge of the LSAT and the admissions process." Patrick Matina, Boca Raton, FL

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