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Detailed Course Information

Facts about the weekend course & multi-week course:

  • Weekend course
  • Before the class sessions, you have free access to the Guided Self-Study Course. The Guided Self-Study Course has 10 pre-class lessons, containing over 200 pages of material. The material introduces you to the LSAT, to the Get Prepped proprietary answering techniques, and to the entire law school admissions process. You will also take one real LSAT and be given a detailed explanations for each question.
  • During the class sessions you will have a full Saturday and Sunday to review the areas where you still need improvement. No class is ever larger than 12 students. Our average class has 5 or 6 students, resulting in personal attention. Students receive 10 real LSATs at the class to use for class work and post-class practice tests.
  • After the class sessions you have 14 additional lessons, containing 350 pages of reference material. The lessons include practice tests with detailed analysis for every single question. There are also lessons covering the law school admissions process.
(Times are approximate.)
9:00- 9:15


  • Overview, scoring, the LSAT's importance in admissions decisions
  • General strategies, maximizing your score within the time available
9:00- 9:45

Review the concepts

  • Review analytical reasoning and reading comprehension techniques, recurring question types, and strategies

Diagnostic LSAT and Analysis

  • 1/2 length authentic proctored LSAT
  • Teacher observes your current techniques in order to make recommendations
  • Grade test, analyze the questions and trends, introduce strategies applicable to all test sections

Logical Reasoning

  • Identify the 4 major recurring question types.
  • Identify the 5 minor question types
  • Learn the simple yet successful answering techniques for answering each kind of question
  • Learn how to prioritize the most difficult questions

Analytical Reasoning

  • Learn the three major types of games and how to diagram them
  • Learn the minor types of games and how to diagram them
  • Learn the two proven techniques for answering analytical reasoning puzzles
  • Avoid unnecessary notations and how to use the best system for staying organized
1:00-2:00 Lunch 1:00-2:00



Analytical Reasoning, continued

  • Get Prepped stresses the analytical reasoning section because improving this section is vital for obtaining a higher score

Review all concepts and do Diagnostic LSAT and Analysis

  • Logical Reasoning
  • Analytical Reasoning
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Proctored Authentic LSAT
  • Analysis of questions and identify areas for improvement

Reading Comprehension

  • Learn the 6 alternate reading techniques
  • Learn the 4 recurring question types
  • Learn the new Reading Comprehension format (new as of June 2007 LSAT)

Grade test, Final Q&A, study planning

  • Grade and analyze test
  • Make your plan to prepare to succeed
  • Open Q&A for the LSAT, law school realities, and law school admissions questions




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