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Knowledgeable: Our admissions counseling program was designed by a former law-school admissions director, so you get the insider’s view on how to make the best application.

Comprehensive: You receive five hours of one-on-one personal counseling on how to make your law school application stand out from the crowd.

Detailed: We help you craft a winning personal statement, get better recommendations, target your optimal mix of schools, create a law-school specific resume, and deal with any negative facts in your background.

Affordable: At only $399 students often save money. Avoid applying to the “wrong”schools or to too many schools. At a cost of $50-$75 and several hours work per application, simply avoiding three or four “wrong” schools pays for the counseling. Also, a polished application increases your odds of getting into your first-choice schools and winning the valuable first year scholarships!

Convenient: You can do admissions counseling over the phone with our admissions experts, including former law-school admissions officers. So you can take advantage of this program even if you don’t live in a city where we conduct classes. Or you can do face to face admissions counseling with an instructor in your city.

Personal statement only help: If you only require help with your personal statement, we can help you too. For $175, you can work personally with a skilled writing consultant. You will have two telephone sessions, and can submit two drafts of your personal statement. We will help you write the best possible statement to positively present your background and experiences.

Student Testimonials:

“I think that I might actually be able to sleep again.  I wanted to thank you for everything, including your support.  My experience from the first attempt at applying compared to this one are worlds apart, and I really appreciate you making the difference.”
Trey Z.

“I meant to email you earlier, but thank you so much. The resume looks incredible and the personal statement is absolutely perfect. My mom said it brought tears to her eyes when she read it. I will let you know how things go. Thank you again.”
L. Sanders

“I am very proud of my personal statement, we did a great job! The Judge sent me copies of the letters he wrote on my behalf. It is obvious that he read my letter and personal statement and incorporated them. You gave very good advice on the letters to my recommenders. Thanks again for all your help. I knew that if you said you were going to call at a specific time, you would do it. I would recommend your company without hesitation!”
Jen Foster, Las Vegas, NV

“I would recommend you to anyone for admissions counseling.
J. Knox, Cheyenne, WY

“… In addition, I am very thankful for the counseling and help with the personal statement that I received from Get Prepped. After getting a [LSAT] score that is still below average, thanks to my tutor for the tremendous help with personal statement, where he helped me to present my unique experiences and circumstances in the perspective that admission committees considers the most, I received acceptance letter from the school where median LSAT was 158 [well above average].”
Yana Finkelstein, La Jolla, CA

An Admissions Counseling Case History:

“As an admissions counselor for Get Prepped I helped many students make their application more compelling. Additionally, I have worked with a number of applicants whose “brushes with the law” put them at a disadvantage in the highly competitive selection process. One such person was ‘Dave.’ He had applied to law schools the previous year but was not admitted, despite an LSAT and GPA that were average for those schools. The black mark on his application was a plea bargain. When I reviewed his previous year’s applications I saw that he did an inadequate job of explaining the facts and circumstances surrounding his arrest and subsequent guilty plea. After many drafts, we finally created an addendum that was pivotal in winning him an acceptance from one of the schools that previously rejected him. Although his was an extreme case, I have yet to work with an applicant whose application did not benefit immensely from the admissions counseling program.”
Patrick O’Malley, Get Prepped Admissions Counselor.


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