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Maximum LSAT Score

LSAT: Maximum Score


What is the Maximum LSAT Score?


The Maximum score on the LSAT is 180. But achieving a 180 on the LSAT is not just about luck. Solid prep techniques could be the piece to the puzzle you’ve been missing. It’s quite rare that someone reaches the elusive 180 Maximum score on the LSAT; in fact, out of the more than 100,000 (some years that number is closer to 150,000) LSAT tests that are given each year, only a handful hit the Maximum LSAT score of 180.

A handful, really. Between 8 and 18 people reach the pinnacle of LSAT bliss each year and the percentage of perfect scores is steadily going down each year as more and more people join the throngs of test takers.


What can you do to get the Maximum LSAT Score?


Firstly, there is the element of luck: that will factor to some degree, but it is minimal.

The most important thing you can do is get solid LSAT Prep. The fabled maximum LSAT score is something that can be prepared for; the test questions on the LSAT are a combination of reading comprehension; analytical reasoning and logical reasoning. These three multiple choice questions have many avenues to a correct choice.

From testing tips to theory, these questions can often be answered by an aggressive style of engagement with the question. Other questions require deeper analysis and will require that you understand the ideas behind the way the LSAT is administered to make a real attempt at the maximum LSAT score.

Having an abundance of options to attack the LSAT with is the best bet, as you’ll then be able to revert back to other techniques when a question is giving you trouble. That’s where an excellent tutor can come into play: Get Prepped has tutors with exceptional testing habits and very high personal scores on the LSAT, these tutors can be the difference your regular course of study needed to push you higher.


Why you shouldn’t even try to get the maximum LSAT score?


Only a small number of test takers each year even make it to the top 1 percentile, and only a tiny fraction of them get a perfect score. A far more reasonable goal is to get the best score you are capable of. To get into a top school you should be aiming for 169+, which is completely achievable with the right LSAT prep. It’s possible to get into the best schools with a lower LSAT score than 165, but that’s ultra-rare and is dependent on outside factors, like prior connections, an impeccable student resume and a perfect admission application outside of the LSAT score. Furthermore: there are some amazing schools serving the 163-169 LSAT score range (and many other very good schools below that); it’s not unheard of for students scoring in the high 150’s to be accepted into a top 25 school, though you should be looking to score in the mid 160’s on the LSAT to ensure a coveted spot in a top 14 school.

Here are the facts: even if you are the best student in the world with a ton of experience under your belt and relevant test taking skills, your personal maximum LSAT score can ALWAYS be pushed higher, it’s just a question of time and resources. In fact Get Prepped has a 5 point increase guarantee: if you don’t score more than 5 points higher on your LSAT, then your LSAT prep fees get refunded, no questions asked! Don’t forget we’ve got tons of testimonials of students making double digit gains after our test prep classes or one on one tutor sessions.

The increase for the Get Prepped students is generally MUCH higher than 5 points; to put it bluntly, we don’t have to give back many refunds. Our LSAT Prep programs are THAT good. Our tutors are the most versatile in the industry and our locations are well conceived to help you gain access to incredibly impactful tutoring and live classes. If that’s not your thing, we have online LSAT Prep, designed specifically to help you reach your personal Maximum LSAT score. Still not convinced? Check out the quality of our offering by looking at the FREE sample test questions we offer, those should be enough to help you realize the benefit to using an LSAT Prep company like Get Prepped.


What’s the best advice for achieving the Maximum LSAT score?


If we had to give you a single answer, it’d be to explore as many test taking techniques as make sense for you and attack each question with a systematic approach. The more prepared you are and the more real tools you have up your sleeve, the better able you will be to achieve the highly desirable and highly elusive 180 Maximum LSAT Score.

Do what you can to audit your own practices and look into additional test prep of a different style (like tutoring if you’ve done all online test prep; or online classes if you’ve been face to face for the entire study phase); it’s the variety of ideas and theory that will help to push you higher in your quest for the Maximum LSAT score.


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