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Online LSAT test prep: 5 Points Higher, or it is Free!

Need an LSAT Prep class—but your schedule, location, or budget don’t permit?

Our online LSAT prep video class program is your study solution.

The online LSAT classes have all the same lecture, lessons, and materials as our live LSAT test prep classroom classes, but:

  • You start when you are ready
  • You learn on your own schedule
  • You don’t need to travel
  • You can access it from anywhere
  • It costs less, and . . .
  • Best of all—you will score at least 5 points higher, or it is free.

5 Points Higher Score Guarantee:

You will score at least 5 points higher—or it’s free! No other company—not Kaplan, not Princeton Review—will guarantee 5 points.

  • LSAT Score Increases: We guarantee your score will increase at least 5 points because our students typically increase 5-10 points in the live classes.
  • Best Value: Low price includes everything: video lecture, online LSAT materials, printed LSAT test prep materials and shipping.
  • Experienced Instructors: Our most dynamic instructors teach the video classes.
  • Comprehensive Materials: You get the exact same materials as students in the live class.
  • Convenient Schedules: Watch it when, where, and as often as you want, for up to 12 months. The best schedule for learning the LSAT is your schedule.
  • Personalized Help: Want help from a live person?  Have a question?  You can work individually and get instruction from an experienced tutor when you register for supplemental tutoring.

Watch a full 52-minute sample of the online LSAT prep class.
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“I would recommend the video course to a friend. I liked that he went over actual LSAT exams and gave the know-how to do it. The tactics were very good and I felt like I was being taught individually (minus the response, of course.) The logic game part was a great tool.”
M. Jackson

“The material was very good and complete. I felt much better prepared to take the LSAT this time around than the first.” Caitlyn M.

Online LSAT Video Class Choices:

  • 14 hour video class: Get all the lecture and proctored testing from our live single-weekend class. Includes one textbook — $225 (Two extra textbooks are available for purchase.)
  • 24 hour video class: Get all the lecture and proctored testing from our live two-weekend class. Includes three textbooks — $465
  • 24 hour video class + 3 hours of personal tutoring: This class is most similar to our live 3 weekend class. In conjunction with the video class, you work with your personal tutor to perfect your skills. Tutoring is done on your schedule, using the e-Tutoring platform — $675


Online LSAT Test Prep Video Class vs. Live LSAT Class
14 hour video class 1 weekend live class 24 hour video class 2 weekend live class
Course price $225 $450 $465 $799
Total course hours 14 14 24 24
Number of authentic LSATs provided 10 10 20 20
You are guaranteed a higher LSAT score Yes online lsat Yes lsat test prep Yes online lsat prep Yes video lsat prep
You can retake the class for 1 year Yes Yes Yes Yes
The company teaches only the LSAT Yes Yes Yes imagex

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