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  • Effective: 98% of our LSAT tutoring students recommend our LSAT tutors to a friend.
  • Intense: 15 hours of you, your LSAT tutor, and the test. It is intense. It is focused. It is the most complete, cost-effective private LSAT tutoring available anywhere.
  • Flexible: The hours are scheduled when and where you have the time. A typical tutoring schedule is 2-4 hours a week over a 4-5 week period. But it can be as long as 10 weeks or as short as 1 week. You can use up to 5 of your 15 hours for our Law School Application Counseling program.
  • Affordable:  At $1299 (register early and save an extra $100) our LSAT tutors are half the price (or less) of Kaplan and Princeton Review LSAT tutoring programs. We keep administrative and marketing costs low and give you the savings. Do the math; Get Prepped is the smart alternative.
  • Adaptable:  We tailor your tutoring to emphasize and refine only those concepts you need help with.
  • Extras:  LSAT Tutoring students can audit our single weekend class for free.
  • Complete:  Comes with more than 1500 pages of instructional and exam reference material, including: 10 More Actual Official LSATs, Ace the LSAT Logic Games, and the Guided Self-Study Course.


More LSAT Tutoring Options:

* 8 hour tutoring:
Don’t need a full 15 hours?  Only having problems with the games or other sections or subject?  The 8 hour tutoring package is perfect for focusing on that one troublesome test section. Limited time offer—8 hours plus materials for $850.
* e-Tutoring:
No LSAT tutors in your area? Our powerful on-line and voice collaboration tools bring you and your personal LSAT tutor together, no travel necessary. The learning platform has many features—including the ability to record your session’s audio and collaborative whiteboarding actions and replay them later. Students tell us that e-Tutoring is better in some ways than in-person tutoring. Special offer—15 hours for $1199, save $100 for a limited time.
* ULTRA Tutoring:
Want the ultimate tutoring experience? Get ULTRA Tutoring: 20 hours of tutoring with our highest-rated instructors who have at least 3 years of LSAT tutoring experience. At $2495, it is still a better price than Kaplan and Princeton Review LSAT tutors.
Share tutoring with a friend and save. Get the 15 hour tutoring program for two students. At just $1995, you save over $600, and you have a built-in study buddy.

Another LSAT Prep Value for you to consider:

Consider a “Hybrid” option. Take our 24-hour video course and add 6 hours of private tutoring. The total – only $885!


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LSAT tutoring: Get Prepped LSAT tutors vs. a Kaplan or Princeton Review LSAT tutor
Get Prepped Kaplan Princeton Review
Price $1299 – enroll early, save $100 $2299 $3000-$8400*
Number of tutoring hours 15 15 24
Tutoring can be done in-person or using the e-Tutoring platform LSAT tutor LSAT tutoring LSAT tutors
Your LSAT tutor scored 94th percentile, or higher, on a real LSAT.** Yes No No
You can buy additional tutoring for only $60/hr. Yes No No
Your teacher is a law student or law graduate Yes No No
The company teaches only the LSAT Yes No No
*Princeton Review charges you more to work with a more-experienced instructor. Princeton Review charges different tutoring rates depending on your location. At Get Prepped you always pay the same low price, even for LSAT tutors with many years of experience.**Princeton Review and Kaplan allow prospective LSAT tutors to take a short simulated LSAT to qualify to teach. They do not publicly disclose what minimum score, if any, they require of teachers. All Get Prepped LSAT tutors took a real LSAT and earned a real LSAT score.


  • “Which is better, tutoring or a class?” It depends on your situation. Consider these factors when choosing between a class and tutoring.
  • Is there a tutor in my area?” Check the locations page for available tutors. Or, do e-Tutoring.
  • “Which is better, in-person tutoring or e-Tutoring?” It depends on your preference. In-person tutoring has a different dynamic than e-Tutoring. If you start one kind of tutoring and decide it is not the best fit for you, then you can switch, or take advantage of our easy cancellation policy, see below.
  • “How is it scheduled?” The 15 hour tutoring program usually has 6-8 sessions, averaging 2 hours each. Session durations can be shorter or longer to best accommodate your schedule. Most tutoring students start 4-8 weeks before the LSAT. You and your tutor will discuss a tentative schedule before you begin meeting.
  • “How soon can I start?” After you place your order, an LSAT tutor will contact you within two days to discuss availability. Once you schedule your first meeting, we will process your payment and mail your books to the tutor (or you, if you are doing e-Tutoring). Allow a few days for delivery. Also, you will need to complete four hours of on-line diagnostic testing before your first meeting.
  • “Where do we meet for in-person tutoring?” Again, flexibility is the major benefit of tutoring. You and your tutor determine the best location to meet. Usually, since the student and/or the tutor are on or near universities, sessions meet in campus libraries or similar locations.
  • “Do I have to pay before talking to the tutor?” No, but we do need your order and payment information on file before one of our LSAT tutors can contact you and answer your questions about their schedule, teaching style, etc. Once you place an order, a local tutor or e-Tutor will contact you within two business days to discuss schedules and locations. If you and the tutor agree to proceed, then your credit card will be charged and you can get started quickly.
  • “What if I decide it isn’t going to work for me/I don’t like the instructor/my plans change?” If, after your first tutoring meeting, you decide not to continue, you may cancel you registration (a $50 fee applies), or request a different tutor, request to switch from in-person tutoring to e-Tutoring, or vice versa.
  • “I took a class with another test prep company and scoring poorly.  Will I get confused by new techniques? Will the tutoring help me if I already studied in a class?” Approximately 15% of Get Prepped tutoring students took a class from another prep company before using our LSAT tutors. We work with techniques and terminology you learned in those courses. Most importantly, your LSAT tutor will focus on your needs, and not “teach to the middle.”
  • “What if I need more than 15 hours?” Additional hours cost only $60/hr.
  • “What if I only want a few hours of tutoring?” If you are a Get Prepped class student you can get an LSAT tutor for only $60/hr. If you are not a Get Prepped student, hourly LSAT tutoring is $120/hr. (two-hour minimum.)

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FL, Gainesville MA, Boston NJ, South Orange TN, Nashville
AR, Fayetteville/Bentonville
FL, Jacksonville MI, Ann Arbor NY, Albany TX, Austin
FL, Miami
MI, Detroit NY, NYC Brooklyn TX, Dallas
AZ, Tucson
FL, Orlando MI, East Lansing NY, Buffalo TX, Houston
MI, Grand Rapids NY, NYC Manhattan TX, San Antonio
CA, Pomona
GA, Savannah MI, Kalamazoo OH, Cincinnati VA, Charlottesville
MN, Minneapolis OH, Columbus VA, Richmond
IL, Champaign MO, Kansas City OK, Oklahoma City WA, Seattle
MO, Saint Louis OR, Portland WI, Green Bay
IL, Peoria
NC, Chapel Hill PA, Harrisburg WI, Madison
IN, Bloomington NC, Charlotte PA, Philadelphia WI, Milwaukee
CO, Denver
IN, Indianapolis NC, Raleigh PA, Pittsburgh
KS, Topeka NC, Winston-Salem PA, State College
KY, Lexington NE, Omaha RI, Providence
NJ, New Brunswick TN, Memphis

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