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Our Teachers

All Get Prepped teachers are law school students or graduates and many are practicing attorneys. We are the only LSAT prep company for which this is true. At other prep companies the instructors may be undergraduates and may have no intention of applying to or attending law school.

  • All our teachers have scored above (usually well-above) the 94th percentile on an official LSAT administered by LSAC. Other companies allow their job applicants to take non-authentic LSATs in the company office to qualify to teach. The instructors at those companies may never take an official LSAT.
  • Many of our teachers have taught LSAT prep courses for other prep companies before switching to Get Prepped. Others have taught undergraduate and graduate-level academic courses.
  • All our teachers have distinguished academic backgrounds. They have earned honors in their undergraduate, graduate, and legal studies from the nation’s top universities and many have also earned graduate degrees.

Featured Teacher — Amanda Ylitalo

“I enjoy teaching this test, because I love hearing, ‘was this question a lot easier than normal?’ – it is proof that following a method really works. This test isn’t about being smarter than the next person, it’s about fine-tuning a way of thinking. The minute that way of thinking becomes second nature for a student is when I know they are going to succeed.”

Amanda scored in the 98th percentile on the LSAT. She graduated from SMU Dedman Law in 2010 and has been Get Prepped teacher since 2008.
“. . .I wanted to thank you SO MUCH for all your help with my LSAT test this past December. I took your one-weekend course hoping to just get a few extra points and it definitely paid off. You were right, I walked out of that test feeling beaten and depressed and was convinced that I did terrible. I nearly registered again for February’s I thought I did so poorly. I ran out of time on the Reading Comprehension and had to simply guess on the last passage. Even with all the struggle I still got a 166!!! I couldn’t be happier and I am so excited to apply to some great schools!!! Thank you for everything you did for me. Signing up for Get Prepped and having you as a teacher was the best money I spent in preparing for this crazy test! A thousand thanks!”—Linda Boss, Dallas.

More Teachers:

Craig Watrous – JD/MBA Tulane University. LSAT score – 96th percentile. Get Prepped teacher since 2007. “I can assure you that when I originally took the LSAT, I was no more excited about it than you are now. Remember, the LSAT is just one more obstacle you have to get past in order to get into the law school of your choice. It’s my job to help you prepare for and get past it. The key to doing well on the LSAT is always preparation and practice.”
“I thoroughly enjoyed Craig’s ability to convey the message, he was very understanding and empathetic.” —K. Birk

Rob Brind – Duke University Law School ’99, University of Pennsylvania ’96. LSAT score – 99th percentile. Taught for other national test- preparation firms for five years. Get Prepped teacher since 2008. Rob is a professional on-line poker player. He tutors because the pencil and paper work of logic games in the presence of live human beings is an excellent break from his faux felt-and-clay “day job”.

Nick Brindle – Vanderbilt University Law School ’03. Vanderbilt University ’99. LSAT score – 99th percentile. Get Prepped teacher since 2005. Nick was a neurochemist before he retired from the bright lights and fast-living of neuroscience to become an attorney for the State of Tennessee.

Beth Broderick – Brooklyn Law School ’08. Columbia University ’04. LSAT score – 96th percentile. Get Prepped teacher since 2008. Beth is an amateur chef and wine lover in Brooklyn, and no, this is not a personals ad.

Melissa Chiang – University of Chicago Law School, ’05. UCLA ’98. LSAT score – 99th percentile. Get Prepped teacher since 2007. Taught college-level Latin and has been tutoring since she was in high school. She would do logic games for a living if she could; teaching the LSAT is the next best thing.

Chet Dingler – University of Texas Law School ’96. University of Texas – ’90. LSAT score – 98th percentile. Get Prepped teacher since 2006. As a trial lawyer in private practice, he does mostly plaintiff’s civil litigation. Texas born and bred, Chet is a member of MENSA and breeds angelfish as a hobby, which makes him a very clever Texan angelfish wrangler.

Don Howard – University of Miami Law School ’92. University of North Carolina, Greensboro ’82. LSAT score – 99th percentile. Get Prepped teacher since 2006. He switched from trumpet to guitar after realizing that it made singing and playing at the same time easier, a fact that family and friends had been hiding from him for years.

Arkady Itkin – McGeorge School of Law ’07. San Francisco State University ’04. LSAT score – 99th percentile. Get Prepped teacher since 2007. Currently a litigation attorney in the Bay area. In his spare time he likes to read, run, and play tennis.

Blaine Jackson – University of Arkansas Law School ’79. University of Arkansas ’70. LSAT score – 99th percentile. Get Prepped teacher since 2005. His lengthy resume includes: serving as a judge, teaching college legal-studies and critical-thinking courses, and volunteering as a wilderness rescue instructor. In his free time he goes offroading in his ’85 Jeep, cooks, plays poker, and spends time with his grandchildren.

Aliza Kaliski – Northwestern Law School ’05. University of California, Berkeley ’01. Taught for other national test-preparation firm. LSAT score – 99th percentile. Get Prepped teacher since 2005. Despite living in Chicago, Aliza is not a fan of winter; however, she is an avid fan of coffee and Cal football.

Laurie Landsittel – University of Georgia School of Law ’03. North Carolina State University ’99. LSAT score – 95th percentile. Get Prepped teacher since 2008. By day, she is a public defender in court, by night she is a caped crusader saving the world. During what little spare time afforded to a public defender/caped crusader, she enjoys reading and traveling.

Patrick O’Malley – University of Colorado Law School ’01. Colorado College ’94. LSAT score – 98th percentile. Get Prepped teacher since 1999. Author of several LSAT prep text books. On weekends he is a high-altitude off-road triathlete, on Mondays, he is sore.

Kevin Mawn – Kevin’s teaching philosophy is to simplify things and to teach students how to make the logic games as “visual” as possible by drawing physical representations of rules whenever possible. Kevin started with GetPrepped in late 2001, and has taught many LSAT classes for GetPrepped. He has made a serious “2nd career” out of LSAT teaching and tutoring.

Lauren Shine – Cumberland School of Law ’05, University of Alabama at Birmingham ’00. LSAT score – 95th percentile. Get Prepped teacher since 2003. Lauren is ten toes down in the Midsouth, but not even sticking one of them in the Mississippi River by her house.

Craig Smith – Indiana University Law School ’08. University of Wisconsin ’03. LSAT score – 95th percentile. Get Prepped teacher since 2006. Craig is a deputy prosecuting attorney in the child support division. The most important lesson he teaches his LSAT students is how to master the logic games. The most important lesson he wishes the people of Monroe County would learn is that they should always use protection.

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